Online medical appointments in LA

Personalized medical care, right from the comfort of your own home. Our board certified ER physician can be with you in just a moment.

Gain access to the treatment you need, without leaving your house

Avoid long lines in the ER to get the medical care you need

Speak with a physician who really takes the time to listen

Tired of waiting on a doctor’s appointment? You’re not alone

With long wait times making it impossible to access the medical care you need, it’s no wonder so many Americans are being left without treatment for conditions that progressively get worse.

With our online appointment service, you can avail of top medical advice from a certified physician — receiving the treatment you need, exactly when you need it. We can even send your prescriptions or referrals electronically!

Don’t wait around for hours in a chaotic emergency room or overcrowded practice, we’re accessible from wherever you are.

With our virtual appointments, you have our full attention

In busy medical practices and hospitals, it can be difficult to get the attention you deserve. Doctors are under severe pressure to deliver care to everyone who needs it, and often, things can get missed.

With our virtual medical appointment service, our priority is to provide you with immediate care at a level you’d struggle to receive in your busy local medical facility.

Just some of the conditions we’ve treated through our online doctor appointments include:

Infections or viral symptoms
Rashes & Hives
Flu & Bronchitis
Insect bites or Stings
Urinary tract infections
Sinus issues
Minor injuries from falls or accidents
Fever & Stomach flu

Why wait in line for hours when you can be seen by the ER doctor in your own comfortable surroundings?

We can even have your prescriptions or referrals sent electronically!

Don’t wait around to get the medical care you need, we’re ready and waiting to help:

Step one

Book in for your virtual appointment online.

Step two

Our physician will send a link to your appointment.

Step three

Click the link to attend your appointment at the designated time.

What our patients say

We understand how important access to good healthcare is, it’s time you get the care you need!